Reflection on Write to Learn Demonstration

The Write-to-Learn demonstrations in general for all of us were very good.  It is a good way to learn different strategies and presentation skills.  The variety of strategies and different presentation techniques made the learning very interesting and engaging and will be useful.

I presented on Microthemes.  I used to create a visual and to keep the presentation organized.  In my presentation, I showed the basic strategy in a step by step list form and then had a lesson attached to demonstrate the strategy.  The lesson consisted of introducing a video clip, watching the clip, discussing the information, summarizing the information on a note card, pair/sharing and updating the information, and turning the card in for assessment/feedback.  I had prepared a handout for the group with the step by step process and room for notes.

The presentation was engaging and well-organized; however, the video clip was too long.  Because of this, I had to cut time from the most important part of the demonstration which was the discussion, summarizing, pair/sharing and updating the note-cards.  In essence, I had to cut the actual use of the strategy.  So the rest of the group got good information, but did not get a chance to really use the technique.  The assessment of the information also pointed out that I had failed to provide any model or instruction on writing a good summary.

If I were to do this presentation over, I would keep the presentation format, and the same organization.  However, I would choose a much shorter video clip in order to leave time for the students to discuss, write, share and update.  I would add information on how to write a good summary and provide a model.  I would place this information at the beginning when I present the basic strategy.  The model would be a summary of the basic strategy.  Then I would go over the key elements of writing a good summary during the demo lesson just before giving the students the note cards.

Although there were many things I would do to make this presentation better, I feel it was still a successful demonstration.  It was also one of the more inspired presentations I have done in that I had a very good idea from the start what I wanted to do and how to do it.  Perhaps, this is why I missed some key steps.

I learned from creating and presenting the demonstration and from the assessment of the presentation.  In addition, I learned some very good strategies and ways to use strategies from my classmates.


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I am a teacher licensure candidate at University of St. Thomas. This blog is an assignment in my Reading for 5-12 students.
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