Virtual Class — Vocabulary Words

Civil War
Civil rights

Social Studies is a huge subject area, so I focused on vocabulary for a unit in American History — Civil War and Reconstruction.  The above words would all be needed in order for students to understand the historical context and in order to read many primary documents.  Some of the words are familiar words to some students, but their use in the context of the Civil War and reconstruction may need to be clarified.  For example, compromise, emanicipate, union and civil rights.  Other words are very directly linked to the era and may be unfamiliar outside that context.  For example, secede, confederacy and sectionalism.  Words like reconstruction and insurrection are necessary to understand and also lend themselves to the technique of learning new words from the prefix, root word and suffix.  For example, re-, construct, and -tion: re:  to do again; construct: to build or create; -tion, indicates a process.


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I am a teacher licensure candidate at University of St. Thomas. This blog is an assignment in my Reading for 5-12 students.
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