Developing Vocabulary and Concepts

In this chapter I expect to learn why content teachers should teach vocabulary and concepts and some good strategies to do this.

This is one of the texts that I know I will keep to use as a reference book when I start teaching.  I am really very excited to have good vocabulary building strategies. 

I have become convinced by this course and the one I took last semester that teaching reading for content area is very important and I know that vocabulary is a key to understanding reading.  Now, I have some good strategies for my teaching toolbox that will help to teach vocabulary in a meaningful and engaging way.

Some of the strategies that I found new and very intriguing were the Semantic Feature Analysis charts, teaching synctactic and semantic contextual clues, OPIN and word structure. 

I am looking forward to including these strategies into my curriculum when I begin teaching.  I hoping to do a good job with supporting students reading skills as I teach content.  By using the strategies in the chapter, I think that students will not only learn the content better, but will learn skills that they can build on and transfer to their other courses. 

I particulary like the teaching synctactic and semantic contextual clues and word structure because these are skills that students can use in any course to help understand the text better. 

The chapter also included many good ways to use graphic organizers to help students understand and remember new words while connecting them to the topic.  The more I learn about the uses of graphic organizers the more comfortable I am with using them. 

I like that there are many strategies to use to help learn vocabulary.  I think fresh approaches are helpful in engaging students and keeping the learning from becoming too routine. 

As I begin teaching, I plan to use this text as a reference to help plan classroom and homework activities that aid the students’ learning and help them interact with the text as we learn content.



About susanm2012

I am a teacher licensure candidate at University of St. Thomas. This blog is an assignment in my Reading for 5-12 students.
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